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Bishop Society Panels at the ALA Conference in Boston, May 25-28, 2023

Elizabeth Bishop’s Poems and Letters: Elision, Disclosure, and Domesticity

Bethany Hicok, Williams College, Chair

  1. Anindita Sempere, Université de Neuchâtel, “Elizabeth Bishop’s Queer Phenomenology”
  2. Neil Besner, University of Winnipeg, “Elizabeth Bishop’s Letters and Mônica Morse”
  3. Tom Travisano, Hartwick College, “Imagining Bishop’s Complete Letters: A Map of the Terrain”

Receptivity and Reception: Elizabeth Bishop and Others

Angus Cleghorn, Seneca College, Chair

  1. Rebecca Bradburn, Oxford University, “A Sleeping Ear: Elizabeth Bishop & the Snail Shell”
  2. Vidyan Ravinthiran, Harvard University, “’Self-Forgetfulness’ & Minoritized Poets”
  3. Andrew Osborn, University of Dallas, “Jorie Graham’s Bishop”

Bishop-Lowell Studies!

A new journal entitled Bishop-Lowell Studies with Editor Ian Copestake will feature scholarly articles on Bishop, Lowell, and related 20th-century writing. Please see the website at

The last issue of The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin was Fall 2019. Thanks to everyone in the Elizabeth Bishop Society for reading and contributing to the bulletin, as well as developing Bishop scholarship over the years! I will keep in touch as a member of the Bishop-Lowell Studies editorial board. Cheers,

Angus Cleghorn

The below ALA panel was postponed due to covid-19 and will occur at the next annual ALA conference:
San Diego, California — May 21-24, 2020

“One Art: Elizabeth Bishop and Friendship”

Chair: Thomas Travisano, Hartwick College
1. “Elizabeth Bishop and Rhoda Wheeler Sheehan,” Fiona Sheehan, Independent Scholar
2. “Elizabeth Bishop with Pablo Neruda and Marianne Moore,” Scott Challener, College of William and Mary
3. “Elizabeth Bishop with Anny Baumann and Dorothee Bowie,” David Hoak, Independent Scholar
The Elizabeth Bishop Phenomenon: Twenty-five Years Later”
Moderator: Scott Challener, College of William and Mary

Thomas Travisano, Hartwick College
Bethany Hicok, Williams College
…and two or three additional people.
Proposals expressing interest in participation can be sent to

New Books

Angus Cleghorn, ed. Elizabeth Bishop and the Music of Literature. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.

Bethany Hicok, ed. Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary Archive. Lever Press, 2020.

Anne-Marie Fyfe. No Far Shore: Charting Unknown Waters. Seren Books, 2019.


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