About the society

The Elizabeth Bishop Society was formed in 1991, following a notable Bishop session at the MLA Convention. The Society’s stated purpose is to promote Bishop studies “by organizing or publicizing conferences and special sessions, by publishing a regular newsletter, and by fostering fellowship and the exchange of ideas among Bishop readers and scholars.”

The Society is now an international organization with members in Europe, Canada, Brazil, Asia, and the United States. It regularly sponsors one or more panels devoted to Bishop at the annual American Literature Association Conference, and it has published a biannual or annual newsletter, The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin, since 1992. Bulletin issues dating back to 1993 can be found on this website. The Bishop Society has sponsored, co-sponsored or advised numerous scholarly conferences, symposia, panels, and colloquia in various locales across the globe that have focused on Bishop and her circle. Its members have authored or edited innumerable books and articles about Bishop’s life and work. The Society has consistently fostered an atmosphere of friendly collegiality among Bishop’s many students and readers. Moreover, the Society has retained close ties with The Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia, an organization which also publishes a regular newsletter and devotes itself particularly, though by no means exclusively, to Bishop’s Nova Scotian life and world.

Former editors of The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin are Thomas Travisano, Barbara Page, and Gary Fountain. The Society welcomes new members, who are invited to contact the current editor, Angus Cleghorn, by email at angus.cleghorn@senecacollege.ca. The last issue of The Elizabeth Bishop Bulletin was Fall 2019 due to the development of Bishop-Lowell Studies with editor Ian Copestake. Please see the website with information about the Bishop-Lowell Studies journal: https://www.psupress.org/Journals/jnls_BLS.htmlI may be contacted at the below email address.

Thomas Travisano, President


Elizabeth Bishop Society Advisory Board

Sandra Barry, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Charles Berger, University of Southern Illinois Edwardsville
Jacqueline Vaught Brogan, Notre Dame University
Jonathan Ellis, Sheffield University
Bethany Hicok, Williams College
Laura J. Menides, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
George Monteiro, Brown University
Barbara Page, Vassar College
Camille Roman, Washington State University
Thomas Travisano, President, Hartwick College